MKas Lika

Unique, Captivating & Affordable Accessories for Men and Women


At MKas Lika you will Shop stylish options for all your special occasions and find many pieces available in fun, vibrant colors such as warm blush pink, and soft, sizzling confident red, feminine purple, teal and more; that will polish your work wardrobe with sharp and classic look. We have mix and match accessories for unique you. We are there for you, because you are unique to us!


We carry high-end hand picked form around the world Unique, Captivating and Affordable women’s and men’s clothes and accessories.  A person wearing any of our pieces will stand out, and will always captivate others. Most are one of a kind, or difficult to find, and they are always different, or have a custom look, as if they were made for the individual wearing them. We try to limit our stock of items to maximum of 6 so you don’t see the same thing everywhere you go!  We work with different vendors around the world to bring to you something new, unique and captivating at least every 2 weeks.  Our clients are special to us, so we carry amazing selections of clothes and accessories in different sizes.

MKas Lika offers services that are completely unique to each client, to reflect own needs and signature style. Our mission is to provide services that give our clients the opportunity to develop confidence, charisma, and feel good about themselves inside out. We're obsessed with quality and individual style. We make life fun! We are here for you!

MKas Lika passion is tohelp people develop the self- awareness, confidence and real- world tools to successfully identify and reach their goals. Our vision is to see our customers walking with confidence and moving forward in every area of their lives. That is why we offer services such as Image Consultant, Special Event Dressing, Personal Shopper, Rental /Purchase of Pre-Owned Items, Event Rental and Public Speaking