MKas Lika

Unique, Captivating & Affordable Accessories for Men and Women


Monica Kasongo Muamba, founder & owner of MKas Lika

Hello! I'm Monica Kasongo Muamba, founder of MKas Lika. I had a childhood dream! I dreamed to be a business owner, but didn't know how to start as my life journey started by being a Nurse, a Clinical Education Specialist and a Founder of a Non-Profit Organization.

But this journey was a door to my dream! My passion of presenting myself at  my best at any event and work generated requests from friends, family, acquaintances and coworkers to shop in my closet or to be their personal shopper. These comments have given me courage to become a Fashion Entrepreneur. 

This online boutique is an active way of putting my gift & talent in action.  Now everyone can walk in my closet without entering my house ! I will not feature items that I will never have in my closet.  MKas Lika's vision is to see people present themselves in a way that reflects their unique personal style.

Accessories are a great way to customize appearance, so MKas Lika has a breadth of accessories just for you. I became a fashion entrepreneur to help others experience the beauty within, improve confidence and open up opportunities in their lives. As a boutique owner, coach and personal shopper, my goal is to help people come out of their shells with unique, captivating and affordable style.


Monica Kasongo Muamba