MKas Lika

Unique, Captivating & Affordable Accessories for Men and Women


Monica MuambaComment

Hi, I'm Monica, owner of MKas Lika, welcome to our first blog. On Friday, November 11, we had our sneak peak event and the turnout and warmth in the room were a blessing. I am so happy that after months of preparation we finally had a chance to share many of the unique, captivating and affordable accessories that make MKas Lika a special place.

It has been a wonderful experience seeing how much customers gravitated to accessories that really reflected their style and highlighted their beauty. I started this store to do just that!

It is just the beginning, and with our official website launch I hope to use this blog to share updates on our growth, events and special messages for our customers. We are so grateful for your support and look forward to giving you the added touch you need to present yourself confidently and highlight your unique beauty!

God Bless,