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Monica’s life journey started as a Nurse and moved into becoming an Education Specialist. The journey didn’t end there, so she decided to move in entrepreneurship and still active as an Adjunct and President/ founder of a non- profit organization Sister to Sister’s Keeper.  Public Speaking is another passion that Monica has and been using it since 2005.  Her experiences in all these areas gave her opportunity to speak on different topics such as Nursing: One Profession; Millions Careers; Pivot Yourself; Explore your Thinking: Turn Obstacles into Opportunities; The First Impression: Your Opportunity; Determination: Dream Big, Set Goals And Achieve What You Want, and more. All her subjects are used for faith based and secular audience. Every message is delivered   with the intention of motivating or inspiring the people in the audience. Monica encourages the audience to look at things from a different perspective and to become more attentive to their own talents and abilities.

Monica’s message helps an audience to focus on the many opportunities, by using any number of persuasive speech tactics to inspire and motivate, instead of focusing on the problem. She knows how to captivate the audience! Her goal is to see lives change!